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Ecommerce SEO: An Advanced Guide for Ecommerce Websites.
Ecommerce SEO is the application of keyword research, content strategy, on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO and UX improvements to capture search market share and in order to sell more products. Does ecommerce SEO provide better ROI than paid advertising?
How to build backlinks for eCommerce The Ultimate 2021 Guide.
Brian Dean of Backlinko shares how one of his readers managed to increase his online stores referral traffic by getting quality backlinks.: Referral traffic increased by building quality backlinks. We managed to get almost 3,000, organic traffic sessions at our Bulgarian store for three months, just a month after our launch. Keep in mind that we are using a brand new domain for the store. MenGear.bg store Traffic Stats. Also, about 80 of our referral traffic is coming from our link-building efforts. MenGear.bg - Referral stats. Moreover, SEO is our top revenue source and top orders source.: This result is the outcome of just about a couple of weeks of link building. Benefits of SEO link building for eCommerce.:
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Then they emailed everyone they could find online whod ever written about the best states or cities for beer drinkers and told them about their well-researched content. And whaddya know: that page got 110 backlinks alone. And if you search for best state for beer lovers they show up at 2. Job well done. Some can get thousands, too, if they go viral. Your content need not be data-driven, though. High-quality is the requirement. The quality of the content cannot be understated here. If its not worth sharing, no one will link to it. Once you have your SEO content for eCommerce, find folks online who have published similar content before-or simply may just be interested in it-and let them know about it. There are probably a ton of FAQs in your niche. And you can find them if you do thorough keyword research and check out forums like Quora and Reddit. Create content that answers those questions.
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It can also improve your SEO, as Google uses HTTPS as a ranking signal: For now its only a very lightweight signal .But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because wed like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web. After analyzing one million Google search results, SEO specialist and founder of Backlinko Brian Dean confirmed that switching to HTTPS does have a positive impact on search engine rankings. The 2019 Ranking Factors Study conducted by SEMrush also concluded that HTTPS is now a very strong ranking factor. Therefore, its a good idea to verify that your ecommerce store is using HTTPS. If it isnt, wed highly recommend making the switch, as it will almost certainly have a positive impact on your stores search engine rankings and keep your customers transactions safe. Step 9: Test Your Stores Performance. Its also a good idea to explore the worlds of rich snippets. These snippets are used to present richer search results on a Google results page.
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By using this website, you agree to our privacy policy. How we work. Link Building Blog. Contact Us Contact Us. Get Started Get Started. How we work. Link Building Blog. Contact Us Contact Us. Get Started Get Started. 15 min read Ecommerce Link Building - Ultimate Guide for 2022. Ecommerce Link Building. How to build links for ecommerce sites. Create linkable assets. Influencer product reviews. Unlinked brand mentions. Link building is an essential part of the SEO puzzle for Ecommerce site owners. Ranking highly on Google for relevant terms is to ecommerce stores the equivalent of having a physical shop on a busy high street: youll get a ton of sales simply because youre in the right place at a time people want to spend money. Ecommerce sales are expected to rise exponentially over the coming years. To rank well for competitive, profitable terms, you need to get creative with your link building strategies. The power of your backlink profile has a direct influence on where your site shows up on search engines.
Link Building: 8 Effective Strategies For Ecommerce SEO.
But how do you build backlinks to your ecommerce store? Im going to show you 8 strategies that will have you shooting up the rankings in no time! What will you find in this article? 1 Stealing Competitor Backlinks - My all-time favorite strategy! 2 Guest Posting - I can hear you sighing already! 3 Broken Link Building - Its not about telling tales. 4 Influencer Marketing - Stroking egos for interest. 5 Data-Driven Content - Its fact, not fiction. 6 Brand Mentions - Reclaim your name. 7 Content Syndication - Everybody wins. 8 Newsjacking - What people are interested in. Lets get started. 1 Stealing Competitor Backlinks - My all-time favorite strategy! This method lets your competitors do the hard work for you! Its very simple. Find out who links to them and how they link to them. It could be a guest post, providing a testimonial, posting in a forum or responding to Quoras answer. Whichever way, all you have to do is replicate it. This strategy works for any kind of website and has been my 'go-to' backlink building technique for longer than I care to remember.
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There are many ways to build quality backlinks to your store, in addition to other methods of researching keywords and various on-page SEO tips. However, this guide gives you the most important information you need to set up a solid SEO for eCommerce strategy. There are also a few tricks included to give you an edge against the biggest players.
Ecommerce SEO Sep 2022: 50 Fantastic and Unusual Link Building Techniques.
Don't' Forget About Those Internal Links. Internal links improve SEO as well, and they are useful for keeping people on your website for a longer period of time. Therefore, after writing a blog post, scan through for opportunities to link to older posts. Develop Completely Unique Products. If you're' mainly a reseller or retail store, put your mind to work by developing a product that is completely unique to your company. There's' no easier way to build backlinks and buzz about your company than to introduce something to the market that no one has seen before. There you have it! Link building for ecommerce websites is not as complicated as you may think, but there are quite a few ways to go about the process.
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User Safety and Data Policies. Compared to many other types of websites, an online store, by default, has to collect a lot of identifiable user information about its users to make sales happen. Due to this fact, improving user safety, and the use of detailed data policies not only improve user trust in your store, which will lower hesitation when buying from you, but will also affect your rank in Google. For the very least, be sure your website encrypts all user data with having HTTPS enabled on your site. Not having a secure connection to your ecommerce store will be an awkward moment for at some point, if Google decides to show The connection to this website is not secure before entering your site.
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Backlinks continue to help good quality sites get good quality pages ranking well. Your competitive gap analysis will have revealed the backlink profile of your closest competitors. So now you can use this data to piggyback off the backlink strategies of the competition. SEO backlinking strategies typically employed by leading eCommerce sites include.:
Ecommerce SEO case study: 0 to $460k in revenue - On The Map Marketing.
These have helped us get some pretty sweet links from high authority websites.: Due to such high authority backlinks, we could also make our backlink profile more natural. Improving the visitor experience: While we pushed for better content and links, we didnt ignore technical SEO. Our developers started to improve the site experience. Our goal was to decrease the bounce rates and improve our conversions. Between all of the above tactics, our site traffic and conversions picked up significantly. And thats all we have for this Ecommerce SEO case study.

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